About us

QuickLoad team.

QuickLoad team.

About US

Founded in December of 2015 in Miami, Florida, Quickload is committed to help local truckers and shippers to be more efficient. We know that transport fleets run inefficiently. Many small companies and independent drivers struggle to find the volume of work needed to continuously run deliveries and end up running empty 30% of the time.

We are on a mission to transform ourselves, our industry and our world, connecting carriers and shippers through to user-friendly, easy-to-use and fast technology.

We aim to America’s top online logistics platform by optimizing and improving the way we transport commodities, creating a more sustainable future for drivers and shippers.

Morning meeting prioritizing features for our first version of Quickload.

Our people. Our place.

As valuable as we are as individuals, we are exponentially more valuable when aligned and working together. We work hard but laugh harder. And we love it. 

You want to work with us? Let us know at hello@quickload.com