Join us and help us t​o transform the way shippers and truckers are connected.

About Us

Who We Are

We are a diverse group of passionate and curious people committed to bring much-needed efficiency and transparency to the trucking industry.

We are always looking for talented and dedicated people who share our vision to join our growing team.

Our Culture

Life at Quickload

As valuable as we are as individuals, we are exponentially more valuable when aligned and working together. We support others’ efforts.

We all recruit so we all work with amazing people and we are not afraid of hiring better people than ourselves.

We stay connected and maintain constant, open communication (with remote and in-location teams).

Good judgement

Use good judgement


Commit extremely to results

Operate with integrity

Act like someone is watching you

Take ownership

Act like an owner

QuickLoaders first

Put our people first

You ego is not your amigo

Have empathy over ego

“Truckers lifestyle is rough. They barely see their family, and they get little respect from car drivers, or major retailers. Our mission is take out the pain of shipping freight and make trucking fair and attractive again.”

Ozan Baran, QuickLoad